Animal Cruelty of Top Fashion Brands

What we choose to wear on our body provides us with an inexhaustible flow of inputs about human society. The significance of looking toward the style of dress crosswise over various eras and diverse societies with a specific end goal to better comprehend the qualities and ways of life held by their wearers. Our own mold likewise says a considerable measure in regards to us and causes us introduce our identity — or who we need to be viewed as — to our gathering of people, regardless of whether that group of onlookers is a potential friend, potential boss, or potential significant other. Now, the real question is as consumers we have a choice which can be moral, unlike the fashion industry which binds itself to the highest bidder.

The fashion industry is a huge consumer of raw products the base of the whole industry is based on the consumption of raw products derived from the nature and some of those products are derived from animals in possibly the cruelest ways. The leather is possibly the most common wardrobes staple we have for all season but the way it is derived is possibly the most inhumane way. Consistently huge quantities of creatures, e are slaughtered for their hide by the Leather Industry. A significant number of these creatures are manufacturing plant cultivated, which can include extraordinary crowding and control, hardship, and excruciating treatment by the farm workers.

Fur is considered as an item only adorned by the wealthy and the ones who are well-off financially. Animals such as goats, foxes, crocodiles, alpacas, llamas, rabbits, minks and even dogs and cats are desired by the fashion industry. The fur and skins are used to make a variety of what’s marketed as luxurious’ clothing. According to the Animal rights groups, “85% of the fur industry’s skins originated from creatures brought up in cages confined in fur ranches, where creatures are denied their right to life.” In Fur ranches, creatures are regularly slaughtered through beating, electric shocks. It is a regular convention in China to skin creatures alive. In spite of the fact that regularly thought about a more ‘characteristic’ and ‘altruistic’ technique for obtaining fur, trapping is exceptionally troubling and difficult for creatures. BURBERRY, Christian Dior, and Saint Laurent are some brands that are yet to choose the vegan way of deriving their raw materials or go fur-free like a lot of brands all over Europe did Vivienne West wood, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein.

Now as a generation of people who are young and possibly living at a time where technology has basically made access to the whole world possible without even moving from our place. As the consumers, we have the complete freedom to choose what we wear and from where it is sourced or derived from and we are spoilt for choice. Thanks to science and technology you don’t need to take a trip to your local Dry-Cleaners or Steam Press shops to get your clothes ironed, they are wrinkle free now thanks to BGS (best garment steamers) these nifty creations can take care of your fine silk clothing without putting a dent in your pocket while getting rid of the wrinkle with ease. Shopping today now thanks to the internet has become rather easy, people have become conscious about their purchases and where their product is sourced from as we are more aware of the problems that surround us.